Levels of NLG

The Basic NLG, The Advanced NLG and Template-Driven NLG. It is easy to understand the differences between all three types. We start with the basic as it transforms data into text. There is definitely a good reason why it is the most basic form of NLG. The coupon template-drive NLG obviously fits data into existing templates so it is easy to know why it is named that way., If you were not able to guess what this NLG is all about then you have another one coming there.

Last but certainly not the least, advanced NLG derives facts from data and summarizes what is important and interesting. From what viewer’s standpoint, it may be easy but it is far from being easy. In fact, there is a good reason why it is called advanced NLG. Not a lot of people would want to use this advanced NLG manually but it has to be done. After an in-depth analysis of the data, it transforms into a beginning, middle and end.