Types of NLG


There are actually three types of NLG: The end is obviously the part everyone is waiting for but it is just to hard to get there. It is going to be one long journey before you arrive in the end but it is going to be all worth it. NLG was actually used to make Siri, the voice command prompt found in the latest editions of iphones. It is a feature that is indeed amazing but needs an Internet connection to make it work. Siri can answer anything from the date, time and even the meaning of words that you can’t understand. The latest edition allows you to make calls just by telling Siri. This feature is definitely for all those lazy people out there who wants to make life easier and that is exactly the goal of NLG.


Levels of NLG

The Basic NLG, The Advanced NLG and Template-Driven NLG. It is easy to understand the differences between all three types. We start with the basic as it transforms data into text. There is definitely a good reason why it is the most basic form of NLG. The coupon template-drive NLG obviously fits data into existing templates so it is easy to know why it is named that way., If you were not able to guess what this NLG is all about then you have another one coming there.

Last but certainly not the least, advanced NLG derives facts from data and summarizes what is important and interesting. From what viewer’s standpoint, it may be easy but it is far from being easy. In fact, there is a good reason why it is called advanced NLG. Not a lot of people would want to use this advanced NLG manually but it has to be done. After an in-depth analysis of the www.porncouponer.com data, it transforms into a beginning, middle and end.

What NLG Is

Despite what a lot of other people think, Natural Language Generation is different from Natural Language Processing. NLG writes while NPG reads so it is not that hard to distinguish the two of them. NLG looks at a set of data then converts them into language that other people will be able to read. It is not easy for that to happen so a lot of IT graduates end up getting jobs because of NLG. It is a good thing that happened because IT people tend to get a huge salary out of it. Right now, NLG is being used to save time on writing cost which is a big benefit to all those who are tasked with this gnarly habit. It is not an easy job so it is a good thing NLG was discovered to make it easier.


If you are enrolled in an IT course in college then people will think you are really smart. There are a lot of subjects there are so hard to pass. When you graduate from an IT course in college then you probably won’t have NLG to help you there so you can’t wait to get to work in the corporate world. Some students can’t wait to know how to use NLG since they are already aware of how it makes life easier for IT employees. They will think it won’t be long before they can party at the bar after work. That is going to be one lovely sight as some people can’t do that because they are too tired even if it is a friday night.

It won’t be easy learning it though so they are going to have to be patient when the senior IT employees try and make them learn the ropes. It is going to be worth it in the end though as it is going to make life easier for them. In fact, they are not going to be stressed when they visit rethinkporn.com¬†when they get home. The fact that NLG helps lower costs for the company is beneficial to the owners of it. As much as possible, they want to lower costs because they have a lot of employees and expenses on their hands. When insights are being found, NLG is being used as well. It won’t be long before NLG is going to have a lot more uses and some won’t even notice them.